Premium travels in small groups.

Open groups and scheduled departures.
We take care of everything down to the smallest detail to make you feel at home.

Stories around an event representative of the local soul.

We select popular festivals, special events, fairs… that represent our roots.

Inmerse yourself. Take part like one of us.

Enter private clubs, talk to the staff of an event and with the protagonists, access exclusive areas.

The Fair Saturday team will welcome you.

During the dress rehearsal of the main event of the festival – with more than 200 artists interpreting local and international songs, you will be part of the event.

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Taste our millenary wine in a Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO).

Inmerse yourself in a txakoli winery, where José Ángel will share with you the secrets of wine growing and the production of this traditional Basque white wine. Also you can taste it!

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Discover San Sebastián, Basque Country (Spain).

You will discover San Sebastián, a beautiful city on the Basque coast, close to the French border, and a traditional place for the meeting of the aristocracy and currently a must for film lovers.

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